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Our team of hunters know the market. They can help you feature your property to hunters, lease your property, or find the best property for your goals. Check them out!

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Be the expert in what you love, and help landowners feature their properties to other hunters.  In return, gain access to vastly more property to scout, content to collect, and opportunities to do what you love while helping others accomplish their goals!

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How Hunting The Market  Can Help You

Make Money with Your Property

Whether you want to sell it, lease it, or turn your property into a dream hunt location, we can help.  Land is at a premium when it comes to hunters.  But it sometimes takes a hunter to know what a hunter really wants.  And we know some!!

We Want to Work with YOU!

Property Owners

We’re here to help you make money. Whether you want to feature it for sale, lease, post it for personalized guided hunts, or just make it your own dream spot – our Scout Team of Pros are ready to work with you!

Real Estate Agents

If you’re an agent that is looking to specialize or already specializes in the hunting property space, get your profile and your properties posted on our site!  We want hunters to find great agents that understand them and their needs.  But keep in mind, some properties and agents don’t need to specialize or LOOK like hunting to appeal to hunters.  Let’s connect and discuss how!


Whatever you want to hunt, wherever you want to hunt, we want to guide you to it. Check out the properties and destinations we’ve found. You’re already good at what you do.  Contact us if you want to talk more!

Hunting Influencers

Content?   Content anybody?  If I want to feature my property for sale, lease, as a destination hunt, might it interest me to contact somebody who would VIGOROUSLY capture content and present that to as many in that target space as possible? 

We want to help you create more quality content. Our Scout Team is undoubtedly going to provide a platform for you to open up more content than you might be able to imagine. Contact us to let us know you’re interested and we’ll set it up!

"I would have never known what I had on my property if not for you. And had I not known, I would not have hunted. And had I not hunted, I would have never killed the deer I did. And that deer is the reason the property sold."

Denny Pendley

The platform was easy to use and provided a comprehensive list of hunting properties in my area. I was able to narrow down the list by the type of hunting I was interested in and the amenities I was looking for. The results were fantastic - I found the perfect property within my budget, and Hunting the Market had all the information I needed to make an informed decision.

David Sanders

I recently had the pleasure of using the Hunting the Market platform to help me find a great hunting property for me and my family. The customer service was great and the staff was extremely helpful in answering all my questions. All in all, Hunting the Market is a great platform and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for hunting properties.

Susan Shepard

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