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Why Join the Team?

Are you a hunting enthusiast who can’t get enough? Do you have a social media following that loves to see your hunting adventures? Do you want to build one while also gaining access to more land with landowners WELCOMING you!

Then we have an exciting opportunity for you. We are looking for hunting enthusiasts who are on the hunt for new and exciting hunting spots to showcase.

As a member of our Scout Team, you will learn how to partner with landowners to gain access to land for pictures, video, and normal hunting pursuits to feature those experiences to prospective customers … and followers. 

This is a great opportunity for hunters who are always on the lookout for new hunting locations. Not only will you be able to explore new territories but you’ll also be helping property owners promote their property by showcasing it to your followers.

The best part?  You’ll get access to some of the best hunting locations available.  Imagine being able to hunt on private land that is usually off-limits to the public.

As an Hunting The Market Scout, you’ll be given exclusive access to these properties so you can capture amazing footage for your followers.


Who is a good fit for the Hunting The Market Scout Team?

We know that hunting influencers are always on the lookout for new and exciting content to share with their followers.

That’s why we’re excited to offer this unique opportunity that provides both great content and access to incredible hunting locations. You’ll be able to share your experiences with your followers while also helping property owners find potential buyers or tenants.

If you’re an avid hunter with a passion for social media, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Join our Scout Team today and start exploring new hunting spots while sharing your adventures with your followers. Who knows where your next hunting adventure will take you?

The Dream

Being in the hunting business is often seen as a dream job that few can attain.  You’ve got to have a show, 1,000 sponsors, no real job, and all the time in the world.

Now, you can take that misconception out back … and shoot it

The Game

What we’ve created allows you to be in the red hot center of the hunting business.  All properties for sale, all leases, all managed properties with guided hunts, even public hunts and property not for sale or lease.  ALL of it, is your target market.  

Where the game goes, so goes you.  And hunting the market can take you there.

The Market

Getting paid to track your passion.  Improve and use your skills to benefit the demands of the market for land.

If you are part of our Scout Team, we have the tools to explore more hunting opportunities.  We have the tools to turn your passion into profits.  And not just for you, but for the acres and acres of landowners and hunting community who need somebody to tell the full story of the opportunities we all possess.

Destinations & Dream Hunts

If you want access to more land, more content opportunities for hunting audiences, a system and platform to gain all of the above, becoming a Scout at Hunting the Market may be a great fit for you!

But it’s not just limited to properties for sale or lease …

Hunting the Market HAPPILY features hunting destinations as well!!  

If you’ve been to, or meet properties that guide hunts or host weekend, or week – long hunts, or meet property owners who want to turn their properties into such a destination, we can make help you make that part of the target audience you feature.  




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