Make Money with Your Property

Land is at a premium.  Because every hunt BEGINS with land, that’s especially true for hunters.  So if you’re a land owner, there are several ways to utilize our network and platform to provide more hunters with more opportunities, and utilize your land to find exactly what you may have been hunting for all along!  

The Ways

Become a Dream Hunt Destination

Lease Your Land

 Contact a Scout!

Offer Guided Hunts

Post and Sell it

Hunting the Market is here to help property owners make money in the way that works best for you.

Our team is here to help you any way you go.

Which Route is Best for You?

For Sale

Get the most cash quickly. We’ll have a Scout help you get the most for your property!

For Lease / Rent

Long-term revenue stream option that allows you to retain ownership while getting paid for letting hunters use your property during certain seasons.

Host Guided Hunts

Help some new hunters get experience with the seasoned veterans. You get to make more money and help them make money too! We’ll help get you connected and streamline the process.

Host Dream Hunts

We will turn your property into a hunter’s oasis. This will require some serious investment into the property from you. That investment will deliver a nice ROI as you’ll be able to charge much more for those leases and/or guided hunts!

I recently had the pleasure of posting my property on Hunting the Market and I couldn't be happier with the results! From the initial setup, to the ease of posting my property to the platform, to the results I saw within a few weeks, I'm absolutely thrilled.

James Stratfield

Hunting the Market provided an easy-to-use platform to post my property and connect with potential buyers. I was even able to post photos and videos of my property to give potential buyers a better look at what they were considering. Within a few weeks of posting my property, I had several interested buyers and I was able to find the perfect one for my needs.

Larry West

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