About Hunting the Market

Hunting … is more about the land than it is the hunt or the game you’re hunting.  You cannot hunt where you cannot stand.  And even if you’re standing on land that LOOKS good, it doesn’t mean what you’re hunting thinks the same way. 

Hunting the Market is a service we provide to help buyers and sellers of a property get the best idea possible of the land’s actual hunting potential.

Our Story

What We Do & Why We Do It

At one point, I looked around, and all the properties I was hunting really great deer on were FOR SALE!  My first thought was, I sure hope these stay on the market until end of season.  My next thought was that if anybody who hunted knew how good this spot was, THEY’D WRITE AN OFFER TODAY!  And that’s when the idea of Hunting the Market was born.  Of course, we’d love to keep ALL good hunting to ourselves.  But if a landowner is gracious enough to allow us to hunt their land, we want what’s best for them.  And on the flip side, we want to let their potential buyers know that a property, like a book, can not fully be discovered with a few pictures.

A property, especially one that has value for the dynamic purposes that are experienced sometimes but momentarily, has to be itself experienced for that same value to truly be expressed.  Hunting IS a pursuit.  Many times, properties reveal very little indications of what they can yield simply because of insufficient data.  And likewise, some properties can be marketed as that which they really are not, or cannot be without extensive additional investments.  Hunting the Market scouts the properties we highlight in an attempt to give potential buyers an in depth look at what a seller would truly want them to see, and what they would truly want to see.

How it works

We join hunters to the land and landowners to the hunters for the best choice of opportunities for both.

Buyers and Hunters

Find properties not always marketed to hunters, as well as absolute dream properties that couldn’t be missed.

Sellers and Agents

Not every property needs to be listed by a real estate agent who markets the property for hunting only.  Use our Scouts to help you so that every possible buyer is reached.

Leases and Guided Hunts

Whether you are wanting to lease a property for 5 years, or explore one for the weekend, highlight your property here so the hunting community can see what you have for them.

HOW Hunting The Market Works For You

How You Can Join Us

Your Business Here

We have all hunter’s eyes on us.  If you would like to share the space we have:

  • Thousands of visitors to this page
  • Thousands of social media views
  • Your Products featured in our marketing
  • Align your product with what hunting is all about


Use our marketing system to help scout the best properties available.  Be the “Lewis and Clark” for a fellow hunter’s big investment.

  • Gain Access to Premium Hunting Land
  • Learn how to market your passion
  • Gear Up for the hunt 
  • Plug in to the hunting community
  • Go VIRAL with content you create to help feature your scouting experiences

Agents & Sellers

People buy and lease land for lots of reasons.  There’s no reason to be everything for everybody.  Mainstream market a property, but use our platform to also market specifically to hunters.

  • Market to, but not only to Hunters
  • Market the property as you already were
  • Leverage an entirely new labor force of Scouts
  • Add value to your listing package


Meet Our Team

Grant Martin

Grant Martin

Founder and CEO

Summer Martin

Summer Martin

Pro Staff Director

Jeremy Mayle

Jeremy Mayle

Land Services Director


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